What medicines are forbidden with milk?


Table of Contents

I. How is the medicine absorbed into the body

II. Factors that affect the body's ability to absorb drugs

III. Why shouldn't you drink medicine with milk

IV. Clinical study on knowledge of drug interaction with dairy products

V. Interaction of vitamin tablets with milk

VI. The effect of putting cough syrup into infant formula

I. How is the medicine absorbed into the body

Who among us did not feel one day in the presence of sudden pain, or to have a feeling of discomfort in the place, and who of us escaped from the sudden attack of germs and bacteria to his body, which could cause severe infection, and of course his owner will rush to take the anti-pills Known bio.

From this standpoint, there are many examples around us that have pushed us and are still pushing us to take medicine in search of a cure, which is the jewel of a person’s life, and it is a basic requirement to practice his life well and that is a life without pain or disease.

It is obvious that when you are taking a medicine, you will wonder what is the pathway of this medicine in your body, as the medicines are absorbed orally and then through the digestive system, and then it can enter the bloodstream to be absorbed and from Then it is sent to the affected area to initiate resistance between the antibiotic and the bacteria or viruses.

II. Factors that affect the body's ability to absorb drugs

There are actually many factors that may affect the body's ability to absorb medicines very well, including the relative acidity that may occur in the stomach, and also the presence or absence of fatty nutrients or other nutrients, especially if there are Certain elements, such as calcium, in such a high concentration as that found in milk.

III. Why shouldn't you drink medicine with milk

You may hardly encounter so many people who drink medicine with milk or with dairy products in general like yogurt or cheese.

Or it is possible that some mothers accidentally put the medicine for the children in milk or yogurt because they refused to take the medicine easily.

You can, as usual, drink milk with food, whatever type of food you eat is acceptable and does not result in any harm to the body, but the doctor may not advise you to drink milk with the medicine, as it is possible that these drugs or antibiotics that are taken through The mouth is completely ineffective for a person if taken and absorbed by the body if taken with milk

Some medicines in the antibiotic family may contain a substance called (tetracycline) and this substance interacts with milk. Calcium is present in a large proportion in milk and it spoils the action of medicines or antibiotics that prevent the body from absorbing

In addition, there are some good medicines that you can take before and after meals. This is because the food you eat can affect the absorption of the drug. So the best thing to do is to follow the instructions on the package.

And also you must and do not forget to ask the doctor if you have to. So the best thing that you can do is to take the medicine with fresh water. Because water by its nature does not contain compounds that could interfere with the absorption of the drug in the body.

IV. Clinical study on knowledge of drug interaction with dairy products

Drug and nutritional interactions may cause changes in bioavailability, and drug excretion may lead to treatment failure or may have unhelpful effects.

The aim of this study is to explore milk interactions with some drugs to inform healthcare professionals and patients.

And it has been shown through the previous study that it is possible for milk to interfere with the absorption of a number of common and different antibiotics, such as:

Tetracycline (reduced absorption)

A little bit of a substance called quinolones and propranolol,

And mercaptoburin (and this substance can reduce the biological reaction)

And non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, digitalis





Indeed, some of the main effects of these interactions may represent a decrease in the biological interaction rate of drugs, either by increasing or decreasing the secretion of these drugs.

And now the conclusion becomes clear before us, and as is already known, drug and food interactions can affect the safety and efficacy of drug treatment and the active substances present in the drug.

The interactions between milk and drugs are mostly pharmacokinetic reactions, where the entire milk affects the absorption and excretion of the drugs, where the milk is also classified as moderate in severity, because treatment failure can occur. And the patient needs additional treatment after running out of the existing dose.

And to avoid this from happening, medicines and milk must be taken at different times from each other. Also, before taking any medicine, you must know what the effect of some foodstuffs will have on it.

V. Interaction of vitamin tablets with milk

Of course, iron may be considered a widespread type of vitamin and nutritional supplement such as calcium supplements and others, and there is no doubt that today we rely on vitamin drugs as nutritional supplements.

You must be careful not to take it in conjunction with dairy products such as milk and eggs, or foods or drinks rich in calcium in general, because calcium may in turn harm the body's absorption of iron significantly. Iron should be combined with products rich in vitamin (E - C), such as oranges, lemons, kiwis, and others.

VI. The effect of putting cough syrup into infant formula

There has been a growing question of late when does a cough medicine become toxic? Where pediatricians and other doctors suggest that taking cough syrup with milk may increase the discomfort associated with coughing, and thus prevent the drug from being absorbed into the body. Therefore, they do not recommend taking cough medicines with milk. The cough syrup is actually made in a dense consistency so that it can cover a patient's throat and calm a cough.

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