Corona symptoms do not end .. A survivor of the virus says

A doctor explains: Eyes can be a way to catch infections and are often overlooked

As efforts are concerted to eradicate the epidemic that swept the world more than a year ago, day after day the last major mysteries of the emerging virus are surrounded.

A Covid-19 survivor recounted her suffering, complaining of constant eye pain. And in an interview with "ABC News", May Kravitz, from New York City, said that she believed that she was recovering from the Corona virus, after experiencing only mild symptoms from infection for a few weeks in late February. However, it wasn't long before she began experiencing one of the unexpected new symptoms: constant eye pain, adding: "I really cried about something. I was having a conversation with my dear friend and thought I was in pain and a headache because of crying because that usually happens." ".

Kravitz contracted the virus around the same time as her friends, after attending a dinner party. In the end, she said, they all began to suffer from similar eye pain, pointing out that the pain was so severe that she contacted Dr. Geoffrey Dello Russo, an eye surgeon in New York City.

Eyes can be a way to catch an infection

She also explained: "Something really strange is happening. I feel as though my eyes are about to explode and I cannot move them in all directions," indicating that the doctor initially thought that Kravitz's eye pain might be an early sign of multiple sclerosis, but later realized that it might be stemming. Of infection with Corona.

Because many people across the United States wear masks, but not goggles or other equipment that protect the eyes, Dello Russo indicated that eyes may be a way to catch infections and are often overlooked, adding: "The white of the eye is a membrane." Mucous, just like in the mouth and nose. "

In addition, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention currently lists a number of common symptoms of Corona virus, but most of them are related to respiratory problems and fever, without mentioning eye problems. The World Health Organization classifies conjunctivitis as a "less common symptom" of the virus. Researchers are still trying to discover more about Corona.

12 of the 38 patients

For his part, Dr. John Brownstein, an epidemiologist, said: "We know that a group of symptoms can occur with infection with the virus, and it is not necessarily related to shortness of breath and fever, especially in milder cases."

It is reported that a small study published in March 2020 found that 12 of 38 patients diagnosed with the virus reported eye-related symptoms. In a slightly larger study of 129 people with severe symptoms of Covid-19, researchers found that 7% of patients had an eye infection.

Braunstein said the severity and duration of eye conditions can differ just as the symptoms of COVID-19 themselves.

Wear eye protection

In addition to eye pain, Kravitz said she also suffered from other permanent symptoms, including fatigue, noting that the pain in her eyes subsided with time. Her case, however, left Braunstein and Dello Russo wondering whether more eye exams or preventive eye measures would help prevent infection.

As Braunstein explained: "Thinking about eye protection, especially if you're in the high-risk category, makes sense."

It is noteworthy that at present, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that health care providers wear eye protection when meeting patients, especially in "areas where the virus is transmitted at a moderate to large frequency."

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