Is chili pepper good for everyone?

Nutrition expert Dr. Olga Corabliova announced that chili improves mood and helps speed up the metabolism process, yet those suffering from certain diseases should not consume it.
In an interview with the Russian Novosti News Agency, Korabliyova indicated that 100 grams of chili powder contains 282 calories. And included in its composition the active substance capsaicin that causes heartburn, and this substance slightly raises the body temperature, and speeds up the metabolism by 5%. This effect lasts 1-2 hours after eating. So this substance is added to medicinal ointments - heating ointments.

She says, "Chili peppers contain vitamins of group and, and they help the body to produce endorphins - that is, it helps to improve mood. But it is not recommended for people suffering from stomach ulcers and gastritis to eat it, because it worsens their health. As for those who tend to edema, refrain from eating. Eat hot pepper, because they have to drink more fluids than usual, to relieve heartburn. "
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