Malformations and lack of sperm cause ... aluminum pots warnings

Scientists recently revealed, after conducting experiments on mice, that there are significant health risks arising from cooking food in utensils made of aluminum. The experiments focused on verifying the toxic effect of the elements in boiling water in new and old aluminum pots up to six years old, as scientists presented to the classes what they wanted from water that was boiled in pots made of aluminum for a period of 3, 4 and 5 weeks. The analysis of heavy metals showed a percentage of arsenic and lead. Cadmium and aluminum in samples of boiling water at different concentrations. The highest concentrations of these elements were found in the 6-year-old container. The results showed that there were changes in the sperms of these mice, in addition to a decrease in the number of sperms for these mice, the more time the mice used this water, and the age of the container made of aluminum increased. The researchers observed an increase in the number of micronucleus red blood cells, in addition to some nuclear abnormalities in the mice used in this experiment, and this increase was also associated with an increase in the life of the cooking pot. It also found changes in the liver function of mice that drank boiled water, which made scientists announce the final results of this experiment, which states that the water that has been boiled in aluminum cookware has the ability to cause toxic effects on cells and genes, especially the longer the pot is aged.
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