Yemeni mummies E1b1a

Mummy Research Group Overview Mummy University Research at York University brings together expertise from the Departments of Archeology, Biology and Chemistry that work closely with colleagues in museums and universities around the world. Based in Bioarach: The Center for Biological Molecular Archeology, the Research Group is largely a laboratory-based museum, with work also conducted in this area by the research group of the group. With a variety of research interests ranging from chemical analysis of preservatives to the survival of ancient DNA, the group is studying the widely different forms of embalming found throughout the ancient world. It is noted that the results of the mummy in these countries came identical to the strain E1b1a, which shows us that this strain is Semitic originated in Yemen and some moved to Jordan and then to Egypt, and shows that the old Egyptians of Yemeni origin .
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